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SilkWater Easy-Pour 2.25 Litres

NEW to the UK! SilkBalance Water Conditioner
(2.25 Litres)

Imagine fresh-scented, crystal clear spa water that eliminates excessive chemicals and leaves your water feeling silky soft! SilkBalance is a patent-pending formula specifically Designed to produce silky soft, balanced spa/hot tub water with just one weekly application. SilkBalance is North America’s most popular water care system, with thousands of users already enjoying the benefits. Now Great Britain, it’s our turn to enjoy the silky-soft water and ease of use that SilkBalance provides!

What SilkBalance Does:
  • Locks in your pH
  • Masks the smell of sanitiser (chlorine/bromine)
  • Creates soft, silky water
  • No more foaming
  • Protects your spa equipment
  • Reduces the need for a lot of additional Chemicals

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