Get Great Water For Your Swim Spa

Get Great Water For Your Swim Spa

If you enjoy using your swim spa but don’t enjoy the smell of chlorine or find it hard to keep your PH Levels balance. Then SilkBalance is the product for you. Get Great Water For Your Swim Spa

With SilkBalance Liquid or SilkBalance Gems in your swim spa, you can enjoy softer water, that smells better, look clearer, last longer and remain balanced (PH and Alkalinity) so you can spend more time enjoying your backyard fitness system

Another bonus of using SilkBalance Liquid or SilkBalance Gems is it helps protects you pumps and Jets and it’s environmentally friendly too.

It has worked in spas and hot tubs for over a decade and it will work the same way in your swim spa.

So now you want to know how much SilkBalance Gems you need to put in? Well the formula is:-

TOTAL SWIM SPA GALLONS / (Divided By) 500 = X number of SilkBalance Gems

Example: 1,500 / 500 = 300 SilkBalance Gems

Or if you prefer the liquid SilkBalance, 4 ounces will thoroughly condition 500 gallons of water so a 1,500-gallon swim spa takes 12 ounces of SilkBalance weekly.


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